Thanks for looking into my portfolio!

I've been working in user experience since 2012. I first got started in SEO, analytics and web marketing + content strategy and transitioned into UX architecture and interaction design roles, where I've spent the bulk of my career.

In 2018, I went back to graduate school at Kent State University and got my master of science in user experience design. My undergraduate degree from Winthrop is in Digital Information Design.

My niche has become complex software design. The more use cases (some of my projects have required hundreds of variations of the same few screens) and challenges there are, the more rewarding it is for me to simplify the user journey. Bring it on!

About Me (Personally)

I love to travel in my free time, I've been to around 20 countries and speak some Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I'm a huge foodie and enjoy mobile photography.

I do illustration as a hobby; in 2020 I wrote and illustrated an original children's book for my nephew using watercolors. I'm also big on volunteering and helping others wherever I can!

Recent Work

ACAT mobile

Digital Account Transfer: Coming Soon

I'm working on a mobile experience to transfer investments between companies that takes users as little as 90 seconds on average.

IRA project

Take out Money from an IRA: Coming Soon

I led a complex, multi year project focusing on digital money movement for traditional IRAs that follows federal and state tax laws. This project is responsive down to tablet.

Lowe's AR

Lowe's "View In Your Space" (Android mobile app)

I worked as the mobile UX architect for an augmented reality feature to view Lowe's products virtually. I planned the onboarding steps, went through multiple design iterations and user testing on a tight timeline. This project was featured by Google at ShopTalk 2018. View the Lowe's press release.

Get In Touch

Shoot me an email at sarah.lynn.auvil at gmail or a LinkedIn message.